JULC International Faculty Presents a Research Paper at Harvard University, USA

       One of the international academic faculty members of Jilin University—Lambton College and at the same time the university’s head of the EFL Program, Dr. Arnel E. Genzola, presented a research paper in an international academic conference at Harvard University in Massachusetts, USA last November 14-16, 2018. The conference not only aims to build a large group of academics and practitioners dedicated to preparing citizens for the demands of the 21st century but also aspires to encourage researchers, practitioners, policy makers and other stakeholders to make changes in the education system. This international academic forum at Harvard consisted of keynote speakers, oral presentations, poster presentations, and workshops participated by academics from around the world.


        Dr. Genzola’s research paper entitled, “Chinese EFL Learners’ Lived Experience of Communication Apprehension (CA) in a Sino-Foreign Context,” utilized a qualitative, phenomenological method involving participants who have lived experience of CA in a unique Chinese context, Sino-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools, a novel concept in China that promotes cooperation of foreign educational institutions with China’s educational services industry. This study throws in useful input to sensitizing Sino-Foreign higher education institutions, curriculum developers, and teachers to the debilitating influence of communication apprehension on language learners. Apart from presenting his research, Dr. Genzola was also chosen as one of the session chairpersons where he led concurrent sessions and moderated discussions on the first day of the conference.


      Early in 2018, Dr. Genzola also presented a research paper which dealt with the integration of technology in English language learning in an international conference at the University of Macau last June 2018.


       JULC dedicates and commits itself to the academic and personal growth of the students, thus, it continues to support and encourage its faculty local and international alike to engage in research that fosters development and improvement of teaching practice and student learning.







20181114日至16日,吉林大学莱姆顿学院外籍教师同时任EFL组长的Arnel E. Genzola博士,在美国马萨诸塞州哈佛大学召开的一次国际学术会议上做了学术论文的分享。会议不仅旨在增强学术队伍,为21世纪打造更优秀的学术人才,而且能勉励研究者、从业者、决策者、和其他相关人员在教育体制下思变。此次国际学术论坛有多种展现形式,包括主旨发言、口语展示、壁报呈现、以及来自世界各地的学术人员参与的工作坊间交流。












JULC International Faculty Presents a Research Paper at Harvard University, USA